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Fielding’s Media Psychology programs enable students to enter at their qualification, readiness and goal levels. The PhD in Media Psychology program provides a research-based program that informs practice in an evolving field of study. The Masters of Arts in Media Psychology is 100% online, applies psychological science to media and technology landscapes. The 3-course Certificate in Media Psychology program is also 100% online, and offers emphases in Media Neuroscience and Brand Psychology & Audience Engagement.

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The New Activism – continuity and change in social movements

This is going to be a non-traditional panel, which takes form more as a discussion than as a collection of individual papers.

At a time of uncertainty and change, the measures adopted by Governments in order to address the threats posed by COVID-19 have had a significant impact on the way in which citizens are able to play a role in determining the direction and management of the societies they live in. In line with Naomi Klein’s (2007) analysis of the shock doctrine, times of crisis are times in which the ability of citizens and civic society to hold power into account is fundamental. Lockdown measures meant however that traditional forms of protest, such as demonstrations and direct action were no longer viable options for many. This panel discussion will reflect on the role played by media in activism in these unprecedented circumstances. By identifying areas of continuity and change, as well as discussing issues surrounding barriers and facilitators of civic engagement, the panel will seek to understand how media psychologists can contribute to gaining a better understanding social movements, and the role played by media in fostering constructive debate and holding power into account.

This is going to be a non-traditional panel, which takes form more as a discussion than as a collection of individual papers. Each speaker will explain their areas of expertise and experience, and the panel moderator will then direct the discussion informed by the literature in social and media psychology about social movements and civic engagement.

Panelists: Sharon Coen, Ben Bowman, Lea Dohm, Deborah Gibson, Ross Monaghan

Host: Regina Tuma

Date, Time & Location: Friday, July 17, 2020. 9:30 – 10:45 am (PT) — Room 1

Sharon Coen, PhD

Sharon Coen, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Media Psychology at the University of Salford, Manchester
Regina Tuma, PhD

Regina Tuma, PhD

Doctoral Faculty in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University
Lea Dohm, PhD

Lea Dohm, PhD

Founder of the Psychologists / Psychotherapists for Future Germany (Psy4F)
Benjamin Bowman, PhD

Benjamin Bowman, PhD

Lecturer, Manchester Centre for Youth Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK