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Media Psychology Programs

Fielding’s Media Psychology programs enable students to enter at their qualification, readiness and goal levels. The PhD in Media Psychology program provides a research-based program that informs practice in an evolving field of study. The Masters of Arts in Media Psychology is 100% online, applies psychological science to media and technology landscapes. The 3-course Certificate in Media Psychology program is also 100% online, and offers emphases in Media Neuroscience and Brand Psychology & Audience Engagement.

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Publishing in Media Psych: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World

This panel will present information relative to a textbook in 'Introduction to Media Psychology' that we are currently writing.

This panel will present information relative to a textbook in “Introduction to Media Psychology” that we are currently writing. We will lead off this panel with David Giles presenting a sample author inquiry form from one of the big publishers with some suggestions for how he would pursue a contract for a “made-up book” including different scenarios, things to watch out for, and things publishers like. Josh Cohen will then talk about the kinds of applied helps that are appropriate for our book, and Mary Myers and I will finish off with an interactive discussion concerning what attendees would like to see in terms of content or instructional aids, including what topics have surfaced lately as our world situation evolves.. Included will be a discussion about what topics are relevant for media psychology compared to other kinds of media courses and how media psychology may be influenced by the major world events now unfolding.

Panelists: Gayle Stever, David Giles, Joshua Cohen, Mary Myers

Host: Karen Shackleford.  

Date, Time & Location: Friday, July 17, 2020. 11:15 – 12:30 pm (PT) — Room 2

Joshua Cohen, MA

Josh Cohen, MA

Adjunct faculty member in the Behavioral Sciences department at SUNY Empire State College
Mary Myers, PhD

Mary Myers, PhD

Doctor of Strategic Communication (DSC) Program Coordinator for Regent University
Karen Dill-Shackleford, PhD

Karen Shackleford, PhD

Doctoral Faculty in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University. And incoming editor of APA journal — Psychology of Popular Media
David Giles, PhD

David Giles, PhD

Reader, Department of Psychology at the University of Winchester
Gayle Stever, PhD

Gayle Stever, PhD

Associate Professor School for Undergraduate Studies at SUNY Empire State College