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Media Psychology Programs

Fielding’s Media Psychology programs enable students to enter at their qualification, readiness and goal levels. The PhD in Media Psychology program provides a research-based program that informs practice in an evolving field of study. The Masters of Arts in Media Psychology is 100% online, applies psychological science to media and technology landscapes. The 3-course Certificate in Media Psychology program is also 100% online, and offers emphases in Media Neuroscience and Brand Psychology & Audience Engagement.

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Conversation Hour: Society, Technology & COVID-19: Short Term Solution or Long-Lasting Impact?

Media Psychology experts discuss the long-term impact of the pandemic across industries

Media technologies have played a crucial role keeping much of society functional in the face of the enormous social, economic and political upheaval due to COVID-19.  While humans are adaptable and resilient, rapid change and an uncertain environment creates both practical and psychological challenges and opportunities.

This panel brings together Media Psychology experts to discuss the long-term impact and strategic issues across industries and give their views on: Which changes will be temporary? What disruptions will be permanent? What will recovery look like?


Kristian Aloma, PhD: The pressures on brand communications and marketing strategies

David Caplan, MA: Mass media storytelling and what people want during a crisis.

Linda Durnell, PhD: The trends emerging in medical technology and healthcare delivery.

David Peck, PhD: How higher education can adapt and recover.

Pamela Rutledge, PhD, MBA: Restoring trust and redefining entertainment experiences.

Tunisha Singleton, PhD: The implications for sport entertainment and sports fan experience.

Caryn Wiley-Rappaport, PhD: The implications  for consumer and brand research.

Moderator: Jerri Lynn Hogg, PhD

Date, Time & Location: Friday, July 17, 2020. 2:45 – 3:45 pm (PT)

Caryn Wiley-Rapoport, PhD

Caryn Wiley-Rapoport, PhD

Founder of SYGNYFY, and adjunct faculty at Fielding Graduate University in Media Psychology
Tunisha Singleton, PhD

Tunisha Singleton, PhD

Adjunct Faculty member at Fielding Graduate University in the Media Psychology program
Diana Graber

Diana Graber, MA

Founder, Cyberwise & Cyber Civics
David Peck, PhD

David Peck, PhD

Vice President for University Relations at Azusa Pacific University
Pam Rutledge, PhD

Pam Rutledge, PhD

Doctoral Faculty in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University
Kristian A. Alomá, Ph.D

Kristian A. Alomá, PhD

Founder and CEO of Threadline
Linda Durnell, PhD

Linda Durnell, PhD

Media Psychologist
David Caplan, MA

David Caplan, MA

Award-winning television writer and Executive Producer
Jerri Lynn Hogg, PhD

Jerri Lynn Hogg, PhD

Program Director of Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University