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Tweeting to Return to “Normalcy” During COVID-19: Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behaviors

Authors: Brooke Criswell & Martin E. Corell

Original Publication Site & Date: Media Psychology Symposium, July 2020. [virtual symposium]

Abstract: Covid-19 has taken hundreds of thousands of people’s lives. It is a real virus, but so many people do not believe in its severity. This could be happening for many reasons, but in this research study, we use cognitive dissonance as the foundation. The research begins with twitter analytics to identify themes emerging within the discourse about the government lockdown and health/safety precautions.

Covid-19 is a real virus, but so many people do not believe in its severity.

The themes that come from Twitter guide the questions asked in a survey to understand better attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to COVID-19. It will also look at the correlation of where those beliefs come from, and why there is dissonance. This proposed study hopes to understand how people rationalize their beliefs and behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Presented by
Booke Criswell & Martin E. Corell

Fielding Graduate University

#Covid-19 #mediapsy2020 #Twitter #mediapsychology

Brooke Criswell, MA

PhD student in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University

Martin E. Corell

PhD student in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University

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  • Nick

    July 17, 2020 7:06 am

    Thanks for sharing this poster with us! I was curious if you had any notes on how you pulled out your emergent themes? I ask because a team here at TTU has been paying around with probability-based inductive coding, and I’d love to compare notes.

    I’m also curious if you have any sense of the proportion of accounts that are individual vs organization accounts perhaps? I’d be really curious to see how much of this could be construed as agenda-setting compared to more individualized expressions of opinion!

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