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Media Psychology Programs

Fielding’s Media Psychology programs enable students to enter at their qualification, readiness and goal levels. The PhD in Media Psychology program provides a research-based program that informs practice in an evolving field of study. The Masters of Arts in Media Psychology is 100% online, applies psychological science to media and technology landscapes. The 3-course Certificate in Media Psychology program is also 100% online, and offers emphases in Media Neuroscience and Brand Psychology & Audience Engagement.

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Technology-Mediated Religiosity in COVID-19 Social Isolation

In this unprecedented time of COVID-19, some populations are vulnerable not only because of weakened immune systems and pre-existing conditions but also because of the co-morbidity of long-term social isolation. One of the impacts of this circumstance is the resulting absence of social interaction of people who already have limited social interaction. Included in this population are elderly who, other than family, only interact with their church family. What is the effect of forced isolation as a result of the California Stay-at-home order on this vulnerable population? Can technology-use mediate the negative impact of social isolation on one’s sense of connectedness and subjective well-being? This study explored these relationships and their effects at a personal level of four elderly members of a church congregation in a Central Valley of California congregation and found that the age may affect appreciation and reliance on technology and that one’s comfort in solitude makes a difference in how one may respond to forced isolation.

Ann Townsend, MBA

Ann Townsend, MBA

PhD Student at Fielding Graduate University

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