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COVID-19 Fake News and Consumer Attitudes toward Asian Americans

Authors: Chrysalis Wright & Hang Duong

Original Publication Site & Date: Media Psychology Symposium, July 2020. [virtual symposium]

Abstract: Fake news is not only hard for some people to identify but it can also create confusion about what is true, doubt about accurate information, reliance on falsehoods, and is continuously shared among members of the public. Racial hoaxes in fake news have the intent of validating and encouraging discriminatory and racist opinions toward minority groups. These correspond with biased opinions and stereotypical views regarding minority groups. Presently, the influence of fake news on attitudes toward minority groups can be seen in the stark increase in hate crimes targeting Asian Americans in the U.S. after the spread of COVID-19 and many false claims regarding China and Asians. This study is examining how exposure to fake news related to COVID-19 is impacting viewers attitudes toward Asian Americans.

Racial hoaxes in fake news have the intent of validating and encouraging discriminatory and racist opinions toward minority groups.

The study is currently in the data collection phase and will be ready by July. Participants are presented with examples of both real news and fake news related to COVID-19 and Asian Americans and are asked to identify the accuracy of each news piece. Participants then answer questions related to their views and attitudes regarding Asian Americans, followed by sociodemographic items and questions to assess right-wing authoritarianism.

Presented by
Chrysalis L. Wright, Ph.D. & Hang Duong

Department of Psychology
University of Central Florida

#mediapsy2020 #fakenews #discrimination #mediapsychology

Chrysalis L. Wright, PhD

Director of the Media & Migration Lab and faculty member in the psychology department at the University of Central Florida

Hang Duong

Junior college student majoring in psychology at the University of Central Florida

1 Comment

  • Michelle Hu

    July 16, 2020 9:30 am

    Dr. Wright and Ms. Doung, thank you for conducting this research. Given the current administration and the media’s increasingly negative portrayal of China (regarding Covid-19, India, apps, election) and silent coverage of Asian Americans, it gives rise to public safety concern for more research to be conducted and evidence-based findings to shed enlightened truths to the our leaders and the general public. If you need any help, please reach out!

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